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Make Your Web Marketing Make More Money

The world's most successful Internet marketers all understand, track, and measure these 12 critical Web metrics. Do you?

Dear Internet Marketer (or Aspiring Internet Marketer):

Lord Kelvin, inventor of the Kelvin temperature scale for measuring extremely cold temperatures, once said: "When you can express something in numbers, then you know something about it."

If you believe Lord Kelvin, than most newbie Internet marketers I meet know little or nothing about how well their businesses are really doing.

Oh sure, they know how much money they're making. But they don't know which of their Internet marketing strategies is making it or what they could be doing to increase weekly orders 25%... 50%... even 100% or more.

"Half my advertising is wasted," the retailer John Wanamaker once said, "but I don't know which half."

More than half of the time, money, and effort you spend on Internet marketing is similarly wasted – and unless you've mastered tracking, measurement, and analysis of key Web metrics, you're doomed to keep on wasting it.

Double or triple your online revenues – once difficult, now easy

In our new e-book, Web Metrics Made Quick and Easy, Harry Husted and I will show you precisely which Web metrics you should measure, what they mean, and how you can use each to make your online business make more money.

We'll show you how today's top Internet marketers precisely track the performance of every aspect of their online business – from which landing page headline works best to the value of new customers generated through pay per click advertising.

Improve just one of these important metrics by 50%, and $1,000 a week in online revenues quickly becomes $1,500 a week -- putting another $25,000 a year directly into your pocket.

But incrementally increase two... three... four or more of these key performance indicators, and you can easily double or triple your weekly online orders and sales. And in no time flat, your Internet marketing can transform from a pleasant hobby into a serious full-time income – large enough to let you quit your full-time job forever!

In Web Metrics Make Easy, you'll discover:

  • The 10 most important web metrics -- and how to profit by improving each. These are the ten I track weekly in my own Internet marketing business. Page 43.
  • 5 ways to make your Web site more "sticky" and get visitors to stay on it longer. Page 36.
  • Using Web analytics to achieve your financial goals in your Internet marketing business. Page 4.
  • Finding the pages through which visitors enter your Web site most frequently... and using that data to improve site navigation. Page 37.
  • The most important Web metric determining how quickly you can build your e-list. Page 20.
  • Measure how long your home page and other Web pages take to download over every Internet connection your visitors are using – from 56 kbps dial-up to T1. Page 38.
  • Calculating when to remove non-buyers from your opt-in e-mail list. Page 13.
  • 14 major Web analytics vendors and the tools and services available from each. Page 39.
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing campaigns. Page 21.
  • Measuring Web site usage and performance with JavaScript tags. Page 5.
  • 7 common reasons for poor e-mail response rates – and how to avoid each. Page 22.
  • Determining conversion rates for your key Web pages and micro-sites. Page 14.
  • Are your Web site visitors just surfing or taking meaningful action? Here's a metric that can give you the answer. Page 23.
  • Determining where visitors are going on your site – and what they are doing – with click density analysis. Page 6.
  • How to gear your Web site so you have a constant stream of orders. Page 25.
  • The most important way in which Web analytics can make a tangible difference in your Internet marketing profits. Page 15.
  • Find out exactly how much money you're making online with a single mouse click. Page 26.
  • Are online visitors arriving at your site through offline sources? Here's how to find out. Page 7.
  • What can you afford to pay to drive traffic to your Web site? The "CAC" metric reveals the answer. Page 27.
  • How to prevent your e-mail messages from disappearing into Internet "black holes." Page 16.
  • A formula for attaining profitability on your Web site. Page 28.
  • 4 steps to capturing key customer activity online with a Web log. Page 8.
  • Is your online subscriber list evaporating every time you send out an e-mail blast? Here's how to know. Page 29.
  • The 12 most important Web metrics – and how to measure each. Starts on page 18.
  • Only one Web metric gives you an accurate indicator of how much you can afford to spend on your online advertising. Do you know which? Page 30.
  • The tiny, almost invisible image that you quietly place on your Web pages that keeps track of what visitors are buying without them knowing it. Page 9.
  • An easy way to calculate the cost of unique visitors to your Web site. Page 31.
  • The free tool from Google that can help you collect and monitor monthly Web site traffic data. Page 19.
  • Make sure spam complaints don't cause your ISP or e-mail service from shutting you down. Page 33.
  • Optimizing Web server performance with packet sniffing technology. Page 11.
  • One out of every ten recipients opens your e-mail marketing messages. Is that good, bad, or terrible? Page 34.
  • The 10 most important questions to ask about your web site visitors - and how to answer each with analytics. Page 49.
  • How analytics can increase your online revenues 66.11% within one year. Page 52.
  • 5 most common sources of web site traffic ... and why the source of your traffic matters. page 53.
  • Using Google analytics to improve and measure your search engine optimization (SEO) program. Page 58.
  • A technique that improved value for landing page visitors by 53% just by measuring bounce rates. Page 64.
  • Do most of your visitors enter your site through your home page? The answer may surprise you. Page 65.
  • How and why to trace the actions of site visitors as they move through your site on their way to the order page or shopping cart. Page 68.
  • How to get visitors to spend more time on your site and why this is so important. Page 70.
  • Pinpointing and fixing "weak” pages that cause visitors to leave your web site. Page 73.
  • How to determine whether visitors are doing what you want them to be doing on your web site. Page 75.
  • Calculating the dollar value of visitors to any given page on your web site. Page 77.
  • Conducting keyword research and discovery using your site's search engine: how to find the key words visitors use to search the site. Page 79.
  • How to track and monitor the activities of specific groups of users on your site. Page 82.
  • Improve web site ROI by segmenting your site visitors. Page 86.
  • Your weekly analytics report: how to create it, what should be on it, and the values you should look for. Page 42.
  • Calculating "revenue per slot" from e-mail marketing to forecast weekly and monthly sales. Page 46.
  • Reduce your "evaporation rate" to keep your opt-in e-list from getting smaller even when subscribers opt out of the list every week. Page 47.
  • And so much more....

Best of all, you don't need a large staff or a big marketing budget to track, measure, and optimize the key Web metrics on your micro-sites and landing pages. Most of the tools are easy to use, and many of the best ones are free!

My friend, motivational speaker Rob Gilbert, says the key to success is doing more of what works and less of what doesn't work. With Web Metrics Made Quick and Easy, you'll know exactly what's working (and what's not) in every aspect of your Internet marketing business.

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And you can keep the e-book with my compliments. That way, you risk nothing.

So what are you waiting for?

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Bob Bly

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  • How to help search engines find your Web site. Page 18.
  • Converting leads to sales with the “online conversion” strategy. Page 27.
  • Most common Web site mistakes – and how to avoid them. Page 42.
  • And more....

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